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Flight From To Aircraft Status ETE Info
Currently no flights in progress!
Flight Depart Arrive Pilot Aircraft Reg. Time
TAY013 EBLG KJFK Delplanque B747-400 ER OO-THA 0h
TAY8280 EDDF LEMG Cope B777-200LRF OO-TSA 0h
YAT2237 EBLG LEAL Cope B777-200LRF OO-TSA 1h
YAT13212 LTAI MYNN Cope B777-200LRF OO-TSA 11h
TAY2022 TNCM EBLG Cope B777-200LRF OO-TSC 8.3h
Flight # Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration Pilot V/S Type Info
TAY1244ESSALHBPMD-11F02.37.24Imre Slott-188 ft/mPending
TAY28VOMMOMAAB737-700C04.03.39LEVENT SIRAY-133 ft/mPending
TAY27OMAAVOMMB737-700C03.48.55LEVENT SIRAY-45 ft/mAccepted
TAY26EGLLOMAAB737-700C06.48.47LEVENT SIRAY-184 ft/mAccepted
TAY537CLOWWEHBKB737-700C01.45.15Bruno Duponchez-238 ft/mAccepted


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